HexaVirus 1.1

Wipe out the viruses by matching colored blobs


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Innovative puzzle format
  • Bright, fun graphics


  • Lacks decent sound effects
  • Small game window

Very good

Now normally, the thought of getting a virus on my computer fills me with dread. However, as soon as I started playing HexaVirus I discovered a new passion for bugs.

That's largely because this game is just so darned addictive. You start out with a gameboard filled with different colored hexagons. The object of the game is to remove the hexagons by getting different viruses to eat them (obviously it's not based on the scientific nature of viruses, but that doesn't matter).

A colored virus appears in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. When you click to select it, all the touching hexagons of that color will be wiped away, freeing up more space on the gameboard.

You need to select the color of the virus you want to lay down based on the position of the hexagons on the screen.

It sounds complicated but within a couple of tries of HexaVirus you'll understand exactly what's going on.

You must clear the board within 30 moves, a challenge which becomes as infuriating as it is gripping. The sense of achievement once you've cleared the board is so immense that you'll be itching to go to the next level and try to clear it in one less move.

The graphics are fun and colorful and the animations of the little virus characters are cool too. Beware though that this PC version of HexaVirus has been ported from a Windows Mobile game, so the game screen is small.

HexaVirus is a very simple logic game to help you while away some time! The bottom left virus is activated. Every virus of the same color it touches becomes activated too.

By touching one of the viruses on the bottom screen, you can change the activation color, and thus expand the territory. Activate all viruses in less than 30 moves to win!



HexaVirus 1.1

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